About Me

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of seeing the world. My mom gave me a children’s encyclopedia when I was around six, and she had it scheduled where I would get one volume every month. Each volume covered a different subject, and while the explanations were great and all, it was the stunning photos that really set my imagination on fire. I was a fast reader, and I would finish an entire volume in one afternoon, but since the next one is not coming for another month, I reread whatever volume I had over and over again until I’ve memorized the whole book. 

Fast forward twenty years later, I found myself face to face with all the wonders I have read about as an impressionable child. To this day, I can never forget the feeling of utmost reverence and the shiver of goosebumps crawling on my skin as I stood at the foot of Cristo Redentor in Brazil with my mouth agape in wonder and all my senses trying to capture and process every single detail of it. When the taxi dropped me off outside the Great Pyramids in Giza, I’m pretty sure I squealed like a little girl! Seeing the Pyramids have always been a dream of mine, and to be able to touch it, go inside it, and spend the day exploring it was a literal dream come true for me. Over the years, I have had hundreds more of those moments, and each one is as precious and wonderful as the last.

 I’ve been backpacking and traveling by myself for the most part over the last ten years, and every single time I step out into a new city, a feeling of deep gratitude and intense excitement always hits me. You would think that after all this time, I’d be jaded and less enthused about seeing the sights, but every new place I go to further stokes my desire to see more of the world. Every day I ask myself, where to next? It doesn’t matter if I already have the next trip planned. I’m always looking forward to the next adventure. One day, not long from now, I will put my ‘real’ life on pause and spend a year or so seeing as much as I can of the world. For now, I am content to be able to go on month long trips once or twice a year.

 I created this website to share my love of adventure, my insatiable hunger for new food and experiences, as well as lessons learned sometimes the hard way. I’ve met so many wonderful people while out on the road, and every single one of them has shown me that contrary to popular belief, there is so much kindness and love in the world.

 Through this site, I hope I can inspire you, however big or small, to go out and see the world.

Feeling like a rock star at Konya’s Airport
Hanging out with the locals in Montañita







Getting my war face on in the Amazon
Fighting above my weight class in St. Louis