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photo 2(1)My trip for Peru is only for two weeks but packing for it has been a challenge. In addition to having to deal with multiple climates once I get there, I am headed straight from work to the airport in Arctic cold Chicago to the warm capital, Lima. I’m wearing my winter coat yet I have to pack for the beach.

My itinerary in Peru has me spending time on the Pacific Coast, the Andes highlands, and the backwaters of Lake Titicaca. The temperature ranges from 80 degrees on the coast to low forties in Lake Titicaca, add to that the constant rain in the highlands this month, and I have a pretty schizophrenic bag. I think I finally managed a good balance though with my selections below..

These are in addition to what I’m wearing on the flight which are a crew neck sweater, skinny dark jeans, running shoes, and my blue winter coat; and of course my socks and underwear.

For the tops, I’m bringing one extra long-sleeved shirt, two t-shirts, two tank tops, and a thick cardigan with hoodie. In the colder climes of the Andes, I can layer the t-shirts and tanks underneath the cardigan, and if it’s not too cold, I can wear the long-sleeved shirts on their own. In Lake Titicaca where the nighttime temperatures can go down to freezing, I can use my winter coat for additional warmth. For warm and sunny Lima, the shirts and tanks are worn on their own..

photo 3(1)

My jeans will be the workhorse of my wardrobe in the highlands; the lightweight silk pants and shorts are for my stay in Lima, and hopefully it’ll be warm enough in Cusco to wear those as well; the leggings are for my hike and climb up Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu.

photo 1

Lima is on the Pacific Coast, need I say more?

photo 2

from top left to right: lotion, facial wash, moisturizer, deodorant, body wash, all-in-one hair balm (shampoo/conditioner/styling aid in one)

middle left to right: toothpaste, sunscreen, razor, dental floss, CC cream, lipstick, concealer, and perfume

bottom left to right: toothbrush and hair ties

photo 3


top left to right: extra sack bag (for the overnight trips to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca), quick  dry towel, anti bacterial wipes

bottom left to right: toilet paper, rain poncho, Ciprofloxin, rope, hat, and umbrella (did I mention it’s the rainy season right now in Peru?)

photo 1(3)

top left to right: journal and pen, passport, cash and money belt, camera, old iPhone

bottom left to right: sunglasses and eyeglasses, first-aid kit, charger, extra memory card, adapter, and flash drive


For footwear, all I need is an extra pair of flats, and a pair of flip-flops for showering and lazing around the hostel. Use your high school geometry to stash everything neatly in the backpack, and voila!!

… a mere 12lbs on my back, and I still have loads of room left in my backpack for presents.. easy peasy, right?

**I just realized I don’t have my laundry soap and foldable hangers packed.. Good thing my OCD kicked in and I went through my packing list (yet) again.. Crisis averted!!**

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